How to Inflate a Travel Pillow

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No doubt, an inflatable travel pillow is a great piece of equipment that ensures your comfort when traveling. It also protects your neck and head from an unexpected or sudden jerk. Usually, people select a travel pillow in accordance with their neck size and preferred resting position.

During long flights and road traveling, these pillows play a key role in providing the required comfort and support to your neck, shoulders, and head. Most travel pillows are inflatable, and they do not involve any technical knowledge when inflating these.

In this article, we will discuss the simple process of inflating a travel pillow. We will also look at essential information regarding the correct procedure of how to inflate travel pillow and how to use it. So, let’s get started.

Why it is Essential to Use an Inflatable Pillow?

Inflatable travel pillows are portable, allowing you to carry them along with your other luggage onto an airplane or in the car. These pillows require minimum space once deflated and fit perfectly in small spaces, even in your handbag.

Generally, people want to carry a minimum amount of luggage with them, and an inflatable travel pillow turns out to be a perfect option for such travelers.

In addition, you can also adjust the softness or firmness of a travel pillow by releasing or adding air. This function isn’t available with regular memory foam or microbead pillows, as they are stuffed with a fixed amount of polyester threads or foam chunks.

Inflatable pillows offer great support to the head and neck, reducing the chances of neck cramps or headaches. In fact, most doctors recommend and suggest an inflated pillow for getting a good sleep and preventing neck stiffness when traveling.

Things to Consider When Inflating a Travel Pillow

There is a wide range of travel pillows available on the market, with a variety of quality and brands. A few of them are self-inflating while others require that you inflate them with the help of a pump or your mouth.

It takes a few minutes to inflate such pillows, but for comfort and the best possible experience, make sure to keep these things in mind:

  • If you don't have a pump, there is nothing to worry about — just use your lungs for this purpose. Press the valve gently to open the intake and start blowing air into it with your mouth
  • Pillows with tiny valves are not suitable for the method mentioned above. So, when buying a travel pillow, make sure to look for one that is capable of being inflated with both a pump and your breath
  • When using a pump to inflate your travel pillow, locate the valve and unscrew it to insert the pump nozzle. Start pumping air into the pillow slowly and keep an eye on the stiffness. Remove the nozzle and seal the valve after filling your pillow with the required amount of air
  • If you feel that the pillow is too firm, carefully open the valve and release some air to make it less firm and more comfortable. However, releasing too much air can misshape the pillow and may affect its performance
  • Also, read the instructions or user's manual before inflating the pillow. By doing so, you can inflate it to the required pressure and enhance the overall lifespan of an inflatable travel pillow

Taking Care of your Inflatable Pillow

To keep your inflatable pillow in tip-top condition, you need to be careful while using it. The most crucial aspect in this regard is to keep your pillow away from pointy objects. Direct contact with pens, pins, or sharp objects can cause the tube to puncture and leak air, leaving your inflatable pillow useless.

Another thing to consider is the right way to pack such pillows away. Unlike foam or polyester pillows, an inflatable travel pillow needs careful handling when packing it away. Make sure to place them with luggage that doesn’t have any pointy edges. Excessive heat may also damage the tube, making it deteriorate faster.

When packing your inflatable pillow, remove all the air and deflate it completely. You also need to follow the washing instructions. For extended life, make sure to give your pillow a soft hand-wash.

Don’t keep your pillows inflated for an extended period of time. The best practice in this regard is to deflate your pillow immediately after using it. Place it in the storage case for extra protection. By following these tips, you can keep using your inflatable pillow for an extended time.


Inflating your travel pillow isn’t rocket science, yet doing it right can enhance the level of comfort and performance of such a pillow. Apart from this, by following a correct inflating procedure, you can keep your pillow in perfect shape, even after using it for several years.

Furthermore, storing your travel pillow is another aspect to consider. Inflating and deflating such a pillow is equally important. When storing your pillow, try to release all the air. It will allow you to pack it while consuming less space and prevent it from de-shaping even after multiple uses.

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