Cabeau Evolution Pillow Review

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Quick Overview






  • Compact and attractive
  • High-density memory foam
  • Memory earplugs
  • Adjustable ergonomic design


  • Pricey for some
  • Smaller than others

There are a few essential items without which travel just wouldn’t be enjoyable. One of these is a travel pillow. It is a humble product that can make or break your journey. Nobody likes having their head fall forward or sideways all the time, or waking up with a stiff neck.

That is why a travel pillow is a must whether you are traveling by plane, car, or you are just camping for a night in a tent. When looking at the many essential points that a product of this kind should have, the material it is made out of and the comfort it provides are the two most important things to look for.

Considering these features, we did some research and found that the Cabeau Evolution Pillow is one of the best offers out there. It is innovative, comfortable, and attractive, covering everything that a travel pillow should. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at what is offering.

Cabeau Evolution Pillow Review

The Cabeau brand is a fairly new and innovative company that just started making its way through into the competitive market, and this travel pillow seems like a great way to start. There are more than a few features that set it apart from its competitors in a similar price range. Along with the 360-degree design, this pillow comes with high-density memory foam that is ideal for supporting your neck and head.

While it doesn’t feature chin support, you can be sure that once it is adjusted to fit your head and neck size, there will be no falling sideways or forward. While it does come at a somewhat higher price point, it is a product that can change the way you think of long car rides or plane flights.

Who is this product for?

This particular pillow comes in only one size, though it is entirely adjustable to feature both men and women. Still, we have to say that it is mostly for adults, but we have no doubts that the Cabeau company will soon come up with a smaller size that will be perfect for kids. It is suitable for anyone who enjoys traveling or sleeping outside and wants to have their head and neck supported by a comfortable pillow.

What’s included?

As we mentioned above, you are getting a comfortable and attractive travel pillow that is not only comfortable but packable to a quarter of its setup size within a few seconds. Also, there is a washable cover that can act as a storage bag when you are not using it.

Overview of features

The Cabeau Evolution Pillow has covered almost all the essential points that make a product of this type a worthy choice. First of all, we are talking about high-density memory foam that is incredible when it comes to neck and head support.

Along with that, the ergonomic designt is adjustable to 360 degrees. If you have ever been afraid that a pillow would not fit your sleeping position, think again — this one suits just about everyone. As mentioned above, one of the best things about it is that it features a washable cover and that it can be put into storage mode within just a few seconds — what could be better?

A comfortable pillow that goes around your neck and prevents you from leaning sideways, or forward is just what you will need for your plane or car trip. Yes, it may lack breathing holes, and some may find it a bit pricey, but apart from that, it is a product that fits all the requirements of a high-quality pillow.

Oh yes, we almost forgot about the convenient memory earplugs that will give you peace and quiet when sleeping in a noisy environment! If you are looking for a travel pillow that will offer comfort and a 360-degree adjustable neck and head support, you are in the right place.

How to use it

Once you have inflated it by letting it expand to full size, adjust it to your favorite position, and have a good, comfortable rest.


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At the end of the day, the Cabeau Evolution Pillow is one of the best travel products on the market. Worth its price, it is attractive, comfortable, and convenient, and frankly, there is nothing else that you will need. This Cabeau Evolution pillow review has discussed everything you need to know about this product. Now all that is left is for you to enjoy your next trip!